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Hello, I'm Neil and welcome to 6 Minute English, where today we bring you a serious topic and six items of vocabulary.


And hello, I'm Rob. Now, here's a serious question for you, Neil. Have you thought about what you'd like to happen when you die?


Interesting way to start the show, Rob… No, I haven't.


Well, nobody really likes to talk about death, do they?


Well, it isn't a fun topic. So, can we talk about something else, please?


Afraid not. Because today's topic is funerals – a funeral is a ceremony we hold for a dead person.


And a ceremony is a formal event performed on special occasions – like a wedding or a graduation – or in this case, a funeral.


OK. Well, let's start with a quiz question. According to a UK survey, how many of us would like our funerals to be more of a party or celebration?Is it…a) 5%, b) 25% or c) 50%?

好的,我们先来看看今天的小测验。根据英国一项调查,有多少人想让自己的葬礼成为一种聚会,或者庆典呢?A 5% B 25% C 50%

Well, I think it's 25%. I hadn't thought about it before – but I'd definitely prefer my funeral to be a celebration.With my favourite music playing – and definitely nobody wearing black…


Well, strangely enough, a friend of mine went to a funeral recently where the funeral director was dressed as Darth Vader from Star Wars!


Hmm. That sounds wrong. But I guess people are choosing to move away from the traditional funeral – you know, in church, people dressed in black, all very quiet…


Darth Vader does wear black, at least!Anyway, let's hear from Shonnie Sullivan here in the UK talking about the fancy dress funeral she and her sister organized for their mother.


It was quite unusual as we turned up in fancy dress.


Had your mum left instructions about how she wanted her funeral to be?


Only that we don't cry, and we… to have a party to celebrate her life. Be happy, don't be sad… I was a witch.


How did you look?


Oh, it was just a little black dress and I just had, like, a little fancy witch hat on – the same as my sister.And we had a very close friend of the family come as Beetlejuice – which was absolutely amazing. He really did go all out for that.


So fancy dress - special clothes you wear to an event – to look like a famous person or character from a movie.Another word we use is costume – which is a set of clothes you wear to look like somebody else.

所以fancy dress就是去某个场合穿的特殊服装,让你看起来像某个名人或电影里的角色。还有一个词是costume,就是穿上之后让你看起来像另一个人的一套衣服。

Shonnie and her sister chose a Halloween theme for the funeral and wore witches' costumes – little black dresses with special hats.


A close family relative dressed as Beetlejuice … Did he dress as a squashed insect, Neil? I'm a bit confused here!


No, Rob. He dressed as Beetlejuice, the main character in a popular 1980s movie. Beetlejuice is a ghost who wears crazy clothes, and has scary hair and make up.


Hmm. I haven't seen the film. But what does Shonnie mean when she says her relative went ‘all out' with his costume?

嗯,我没看过这部电影。那肖妮说的,她朋友为了那套衣服went all out,是什么意思呢?

To go all out means to make a big effort – and this guy's costume involved not only special clothes, but special hair and make up too.

To go all out意思是竭尽全力,那个小伙子不仅找来了特别的服装,还有特别的发型和妆扮。

Like me.


What do you mean, 'like me'?


Well, I go all out to get my clothes and hair just right for 6 Minute English.


Yes, and, well... you look great, Rob. But unfortunately nobody sees us… do they?


Yes, good point. But it's important to make an effort.


So have you had any thoughts about the sort of funeral you would like to have?


Oooh… Yes, I like the thought of my friends and family saying their final goodbyes to me on a beach with a beautiful sunset, listening to Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin…

哦,是的。我想让我的亲朋好友在日落的海边对我最后说一句再见,聆听Led Zeppelin的“天国的阶梯”……

OK, well, before you get too carried away with ideas for your own funeral, let's have the answer to today's quiz question.


To get carried away means to get very excited and lose control of your feelings! I never thought I would get excited about my own funeral… But anyway – yes, back to today's question! How many of us would like our funerals to be more of a party or celebration? Is it… a) 5%, b) 25%, or c) 50%?

To get carried away意思是过于兴奋而忘记控制自己的情绪。我从来没想过我会为了自己的葬礼而兴奋……总之,回到今天的问题。有多少人会希望自己的葬礼成为一个派对或庆典呢?A 5% B 25% C 50%。

And I said 25%.


No, it's actually 50%. The market research company ICN found that half of us here in the UK would prefer something different to the traditional funeral.


More than I expected. OK, shall we look back at the words we have learned today?


Yes. First up – 'funeral' – a ceremony we hold for a dead person. The plural is funerals – "Fancy dress funerals aren't everybody's cup of tea."The adjective is – funereal – notice the stress on the second syllable – "Who chose this funereal music? Can we change it to something more cheerful?"

好的。第一个funeral,为逝者举办的典礼。复数是funerals。不是所有人都喜欢“fancy dress”funerals。形容词是funereal,注意中音放在第二个音节上,“谁选的葬礼音乐?能不能换一首更欢快的?”

'Not my cup of tea' by the way, is something you don't enjoy doing.

顺便解释一下,not my cup of tea是指你不喜欢的东西。

OK – 'ceremony' – a formal event performed on special occasions.


I didn't go to my sister's graduation ceremony.


In the UK, the opening of Parliament is a ceremonious occasion. Ceremonious is the adjective.


Number three – 'fancy dress' is special clothing you wear to an event – for example, to look like a famous person or character from a movie.

第三个,fancy dress是你参加活动时穿的特殊服装。比如,为了看起来像某个名人或电影角色。

I've been invited to a fancy dress party.


Who are you going to go as, Rob?


It's a secret, Neil!


Number four – ‘costume' – a set of clothes you wear to look like somebody else. "Rob is going to go to the fancy-dress party in a Superman costume."


Good guess. Right. Number five – 'to go all out' means to make a big effort.

猜对了!第五个,to go all out意思是尽最大的努力。

"We went all out this year with our Christmas decorations – with a life-size flashing Santa Claus and sleigh."


Way to go, Neil! Number six – the phrasal verb 'to get carried away' – means to get very excited and lose control of your feelings!

加把劲尼尔!第六个,动词短语to get carried away,意思是过于兴奋而忘记控制情绪。

"She got carried away and painted the whole house pink."


That must be Barbie's house…


Yup – and fancy dress is definitely Barbie's cup of tea! OK, that's all for today.But please remember to check out our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages.


OK. Bye-bye!




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